Deliver happiness through customer service

Our intelligent virtual agent handles repetitive calls so you can focus on high value interactions with your customers.

Delight your customers

Your customers are dealt with immediately and can converse in natural language with our agent.


Reduce costs

Our agent is cost effective and the money you save can be invested in developping a better customer experience.

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Deploy quickly

All calls are served in SaaS from the cloud and we integrate seamlessly with your IT infrastructure.

Why us ?


Industry leaders trust CallDesk.

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We’re building an artificial intelligence. You know your industry.
Our technology can easily be tailored to answer your specific needs.

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Use cases

Our AI technology can automate almost any repetitive call.
Complex use cases can be deployed in weeks.

Appointment taking

Dynamic appointment taking for healthcare, help desks, deliveries and more. Our virtual agent plugs into your calendar and handles the appointment negotiation in natural language!


Secure, multi-factor authentication with phone number, first or last names, postal address or custom IDs. Be secure, compliant and increase authentication rates!

Call routing & Qualification

Intelligent call routing, information collection and ticket filling.
Free up your qualified agents from these burdensome tasks!

Order management

Order tracking and cancelling. Offer a self-service order management virtual agent and let your agents focus on upselling your best products!

About us

CallDesk is a French company with great assets



Our amazing team is driven by experienced entrepreneurs.
Join us!



Our award winning technology is built from the ground up with post 2016 AI algorithms.



Point Nine and EQT Ventures are committed to revolutionize customer service with us.

Meet Oscar

Oscar is our virtual data scientist.
He helps us explore the hyper parameters space of our machine learning algorithms.
We're happy to share it with the open source community.

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We would be delighted to work with you.
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