About CallDesk

CallDesk was founded by passionated entrepreneurs, joined by AI and customer service enthusiastics, with the ambition to give back customer service its original definition: deliver happiness to turn unsatisfied customer into brand advocates.

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Who we are

Team centric

AI is opening up countless opportunities for amazing and cost effective interactions with customers.
But customer service excellence will never be reached without human at its heart.
Before all, CallDesk is a team of passionate hustlers dedicated to this vision and sharing some strong core values:

  • Empathy
  • Ambition
  • Trust
  • Humility
  • Curiosity
  • Candor

Strong foundations

Beyond an amazing team, CallDesk has indisputable assets.


Founded in 2016

Two serial entrepreneurs started with the vision to revolutionize customer service and build a company they'd want to work for.



Our award winning technology is built from the ground up with post 2016 AI algorithms.


€2.9M in funding

Point Nine and EQT Ventures are committed to revolutionize customer service with us.

Our story

Where are we going?

Calldesk rethinks the way customer service can deliver happiness to their clients. We offer an artificial intelligence voice agent that handles almost any repetitive call in call centers and lets human agents focus on high value interactions with customers.

Calldesk was co-founded in April 2016 by Vincent Gire & Aimé Dushimire, two serial entrepreneurs. We are already working with major companies like La Poste, MGEN, Bouygues Telecom or SNCF. Our customers use Calldesk to improve their customer service and love our product. We have raised €2.9M with some of Europe's most experienced VC funds in customer service and SaaS solutions (PointNine Capital and EQT Ventures). We are now a team of 17 talented & ambitious people, excelling at execution and most of all passionate about delivering the final customers the best experience they have ever known.