Enterprise-ready voice agent platform with professional services.

From initial project definition to undisputable results, we have the expertise and experience to deliver customer happiness while dramatically cutting costs down.


Trusted by enterprises worldwide

With millions of calls already handled by CallDesk's agents in 15 large enterprises, including La Poste, Oui SNCF or CNP, your customers are in safe hands.

Voice conversational platform

Our proprietary algorithms, integrated into a voice dedicated low-latency architecture, deliver the best voice agents on the market.

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  • Latency on par with humans
  • >95% intent recognition rate
  • Complex and custom entities
  • Multiple context switching
  • Conversational regression testing
  • 54 languages supported


  • Encryption at rest and in transit
  • Secured API connexions
  • Secured SDA & SIP connections
  • ISO 27001/17/18 certified cloud hosting
  • Enterprise-ready QA plan
  • In-house Data Protection Officer


  • Individual and aggregated KPIs
  • Custom business KPIs
  • Granular agent insights


  • Unlimited inbound calls capacity
  • One dedicated container per call
  • Enterprise-ready SLAs

Professional services

From the creation of a script to the continuous monitoring and improvement of our voice agents, our team works with you to drive results and deploy new use cases.

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How does it work?

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Concurrent ASRs

As the performance of an Automatic Speech Recognition system depends on the data it was trained on, CallDesk uses multiple transcription sources to guarantee the best results.

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Custom entities analysis

We master complex entity parsing and are able to fire up dedicated parsers for our customers' specific needs. This gives us the ability to automate calls from start to completion.

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Low-latency architecture

Our proprietary NLP algorithms were designed for state of the art accuracy and integrated into a dedicated low-latency architecture to deliver conversations in natural language.

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Dedicated dialog manager

CallDesk has built its own dialog manager with exclusive features to support complex use cases at scale and automate your calls in a few days only.


the simplest and fastest way to automate your calls